General Introduction

VINA MT Co. – ISO 17025 standard laboratory


VINA MT CO., LTD. Operates in accordance with ISO 17025 Quality Manual.

Our company applies modern and advanced equipment in the field of equipment calibration. Our motto is to provide our customers with the best service in terms of Cost, Quality and Delivery/ receive. In addition, Calibration Service is one of the services that make customer satisfaction and evaluation VINA MT is “the most reliable partner”.

All our calibration services are guaranteed to comply with Vietnamese standards. The devices we calibrate always have detailed calibration data attached and all these data are stored, traced and accessed in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025.

The calibration certificate along with the customer equipment data are all stored on our company’s software management system. Corporate customers can check and download at any time.

The company has a team of technical staff and collaborators who are experienced in theoretical and practical fields of the Universities, Research Institutes, Technical Centers and The company serves for the consultancy, inspection of the company.

 Professional staff with the spirit of always improving and dedicated is the motto of serving customers of VINA MT Co., Ltd. VINA MT is pleased to cooperate and serve customers.

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